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[ After waking up in the grass (what), shaking out her hair and trying to gather her bearings, she flips open the journal. The first page of the book isn't an explanation, which is annoying. Nevertheless, she hits a few buttons, just to figure out what the hell they do, including the voice function, all while muttering to herself. ] --useless piece of trash, is what this is, I don't-- [ pause for staring ] What is this thing doing-- [ silence, then quietly: ] Oh, it's--

[ She straightens where she's sitting on the ground and speaks deliberately: ] Whatever joke this is, whatever is going on, whoever is responsible for these-- these shenanigans, I will find you and I will-- [ a pause. I can't earthbend their faces into the ground. ] -- and you will regret it, because I will-- [ pause, fumbling for words ] -- I don't need to bend to make you regret this! I'm the Chief of-- former Chief of Republic City's Metalbending Police Force, and I will find a way to make you regret this.

[ She shuts up, finally realizing the wings on her back. What. ] Why do I have wings? That's just-- never mind, it doesn't matter. [ a pause ] How do you turn this thing off? [ More glaring, more button mashing, finally just hits it against the ground to shut it off. ]
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If something doesn't fit elsewhere, toss it here!

Please name the threads with the method of contact (voice/video/action/WHATEVER) and the date, ie: [ voice ] July 6th!


Jul. 6th, 2012 01:40 pm
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